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Welcome to Maker Events

Maker Events Ltd is a family run business based at Maker Heights on the beautiful Rame Peninsula of south-east Cornwall.

We managed the Maker Festival for many years and now run the Maker Campsite.  We work cooperatively with The Rame Conservation Trust and the other tenants at Maker Heights such as the Energy Room and Random Arms. This is a unique year round bar and venue and is run and managed by Maker Music and Arts, a community interest company (CIC).

The work of the Rame Conservation Trust has been to preserve this outstanding site with all of its edifices but more importantly, the people and activities within and around them.

The Trust makes every endeavour to maintain what is a very precious suite of assets, but the resources required to really make a difference are considerable. That vision includes bringing the barrack buildings back to their former glory whilst continuing to develop the wider community aspects, especially its art, music and performance artists and other micro-industries.

Maker grows in importance as a social epicentre for the Rame Peninsula, whether as part of the heritage story or contemporary events such as weddings, music festivals and even pantomimes! People of all ages and interests can be found at Maker at different times of the year. People walking, artists working or students learning to play an instrument make up a rich and varied tapestry of our community.

Membership is a very important part of this worthwhile project and at only £10 a year, it really helps the Trust to gain match funding and they keep you in the loop with regular updates and newsletters .

The Canteen is OPEN!

The Canteen at Maker Heights is a café/restaurant run by River Cottage chef Nick who serves up delicious dishes using local produce at fair prices on the campsite.

Camping at Maker

It is camping as it should be. Incredible scenery, friendly campers, freedom & space... 

Maker Sessions

The Random Arms will have a few live music weekends on May, 29th May, June 20th, 18th July, 22nd Aug, Sept 5th and you can camp near by... 

Random Arms

This unique year round bar and venue is run and managed by Maker Music and Arts, promoting and support live music on the Rame Peninsula - more than just a live music venue featuring regular music nights... 

Camping in Yurts

Yurts sleep up to 4 and have wonderful views and wood burning campfires. It's camping as it should be, with incredible scenery, friendly campers, freedom & space...